Medecine Douce

10, Rue de Marseille, 75010  
In 2000 Marie Montaud launched Medecine Douce: a delicate world, teeming with stories that have quirky touches. The immediate success of the Charleston necklace, one of the mark’s signature pieces, has made the brand a hit with the media and top retail outlets. Following numerous collaborations with big names in fashion such as Christian Lacroix, Agnès b, Colette … Medecine Douce proposes two collections a year made in collaboration with French craftsmen: feather-makers, flower-makers, enamellers and embroiderers …the last mohicans of high fashion. With them, Medecine Douce creates products using mixtures of unexpected materials, constantly revitalised in a chic and bohemian spirit that welcomes you in their boutique.