Hugo & Victor St. Honoré

7, Rue Gomboust, 75001  
Hugo & Victor is indeed a far cry from traditional PASTRY shops. It offers a UNIVERSE of its own: a true gourmet Pastry shop. Hugues Pouget brought back from his numerous JOURNEYS abroad a taste for exoticism and new FLAVORS that can be found in the quest for quality that is so adamant to Hugo & Victor. At Hugo & Victor, flavors are of prime importance for they lead all of Hugues Pouget’s CREATIVE impulses. Our 3 star flavors- chocolate, vanilla and caramel-can be found throughout the year whereas 5 transient flavors display their hidden secrets only for short periods of time, when they are in SEASON. Each of these 8 flavors can be found through three sweet VARIATIONS: the innovative “Hugo” pastry deconstructing traditional pastry, the classic “Victor” treat, reminding of your childhood's food, and SWEET, a semi-spherical chocolate. To bring this tasting experience to its climax, Frédéric Béal, Hugo & Victor’s SOMMELIER, has selected wines to match, confront or exalt each flavor. Not just a sweet bite, but a whole tasting experience.